California burclover

Pest: California burclover (Medicago polymorpha)

Pest Type: Annual broadleaf weed

Major Identifying Features: Grows up to 2 feet tall, trails along the ground, leaves are divided into three round leaflets with reddish-tinged mid-veins, serrated edges

Life Cycle: Annual

Pest Rating: Minor

Management Rating: Easy

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Widespread in California except the Great Basin and deserts, can be found up to 5000 feet elevation, on agricultural land, turf, reproduces by seed

Damage Information: Can be a concern in turf grass and landscaped areas because people can be stung by bees that are attracted to the flower, reduce uniformity in turf grass, mature burs can attach to feet, pets, or clothing

Management Options: Cultural control by hand pulling, hoeing, mulching, or chemical control with herbicides (in large areas)



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