Cutleaf Geranium

Pest: Cutleaf Geranium (Geranium dissectum)

Pest Type: Annual broadleaf weed

Major Identifying Features: Freely branching, rosette as young plant, stems grow prostrate to erect, about 2.5 feet long, hairy and rough, stem leaves are deeply cut into narrow divisions, flowers are violet pink and have 5 petals, fruit looks like a stork’s head

Life Cycle: Annual/biannual, reproduces from seed, flowers in March until October

Pest Rating: Minor

Management Rating: Moderate

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Widespread in California up to 3900 feet elevation, inhabits agricultural land and other disturbed areas, remains prostrate in turf, widespread but minor weed

Damage Information: Displaces herbaceous native plant species, more dominant in disturbed areas than in intact plant communities

Management Options: Cultural management by mulching etc.



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