Pest: Pineappleweed (Chamomilla suaveolens)

Pest Type: Annual broadleaf weed

Major Identifying Features: Leaves smell like pineapple when crushed, grows 1-3/5 feet tall, leaves are alternate, hairless, stalkless, finely divided (1-3 times), similar to mayweed chamomile, egg-shaped flowers, non-showy yellow-green flowers, each fruit contains one seed

Life Cycle: Summer or winter annual, flowers from May-August, reproduces by seed

Pest Rating: Moderate

Management Rating: Easy-moderate

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Found throughout California up to 7900 feet, inhabits agricultural land, turf and disturbed areas

Damage Information: 

Management Options: Chemical control with Devrinol, Roundup, mowing does not affect this plant also see Mayweed chamomile 



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