Poison Hemlock

Pest: Poison Hemlock (Conium maculatum)

Pest Type: Biennial broadleaf herbaceous weed

Major Identifying Features: Highly poisonous weed, invasive, can be mistaken for carrots, celery etc., first leaves are distinctive (simple tapered at base, elliptical and rounded at tip, and prominent veins below surface), grows rosette, dark glossy-green leaves that are 2 feet long and divided several times, no hairs

Life Cycle: Biennial, flowering from spring until summer in the second year, reproduces by seed

Pest Rating: Moderate

Management Rating: Moderate

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Can be found throughout California in lower elevation areas such as roadsides, ditch and stream banks, creek beds, fence lines

Damage Information: Invades native plant communities, pasture areas, grazing areas, meadows, can cause serious livestock losses, toxic to humans and livestock,

Management Options: Prevention and mechanical control with mowing, hand removal, biological control with the European palearctic moth, chemical control on seedlings only (WARNING ON THE USW OF CHEMICALS)




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