Wild Buckwheat

Pest: Wild buckwheat (Polygonum convolvulus), black bindweed

Pest Type: Annual Broadleaf Weed

Major Identifying Features: Arrowhead-shaped leaves, seedlings have a white powdery surface, trailing stems that grow 8-40 inches, more pointed leaves than field bindweed, inconspicuous green flowers, single-seeded fruits

Life Cycle: Annual, flowers from May through September, reproduces by seed

Pest Rating: Moderate

Management Rating: Difficult

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Grows in disturbed areas, agricultural land (grain fields), landscaped areas, grows throughout California except in deserts and up to 7000 feet elevation

Damage Information: Infests areas where small grains are grown, makes it difficult to harvest crops, seeds can cause spoilage when stored with other seeds, hosts several crop plant diseases

Management Options: Cultural control by crop rotation, mowing, delayed seeding, chemical control  with herbicides is difficult because of its tolerance to 2,4-D , MCPA and glyphosate





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