White Clover

Pest: White Clover (Trifolium repens)

Pest Type: Perennial Broadleaf Weed

Major Identifying Features: Creeping, branching stem grow 4-12 inches tall, root at stem joints, alternate leaves with 3 leaflets with whitish crescent in the middle, hairless, white to pale pink flowers

Life Cycle: Perennial, blooms from March through December, reproduces by seed

Pest Rating: Moderate

Management Rating: Easy

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Found in California except deserts, up to 4900 feet elevation, grows on agricultural land, orchards, vineyards, mountain meadows, lawns and planting beds

Damage Information: Can be a concern in turf grass and landscaped areas because people can be stung by bees that are attracted to the flower, reduce uniformity in turf grass, mature burs can attach to feet, pets, or clothing

Management Options: Cultural control by hand pulling, hoeing, mulching, or chemical control with herbicides (in large areas) WARNING ON THE USE OF CHEMICALS




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