Ground Beetle

Pest: Ground Beetle (Carabidae family)

Pest Type: Beneficial Insect, Predaceous Beetle

Major Identifying Features: Medium to large soil-dwelling beetle, 1/3 to 2/3 inches long, include more than 2500 species in North America, shape and color vary, adults are often black or dark reddish, prominent thorax, long antennae with 11 sements, long legs, fast runners, rarely fly, enlarged basal segments on hind legs, larvae are elongate and their heads are relatively large with distinct mandibles

Life Cycle: From egg to larvae to pupa to adult in one year, metamorphosis is complete

Pest Rating: Beneficial!

Management Rating: Beneficial!

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Eggs are laid in moist soils, larvae dwell in litter or in soil

Support/Damage Information: Feed on soil dwelling insect larvae and pupae, other invertebrates such as snails and slugs, on seeds and organic litter

Management/Attraction Options: Litter and organic matter encourage ground beetles



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