Botrytis blight

Pest: Botrytis blight (Botrytis cinerea)

Pest Type: Infectious disease, bacteria


Major Identifying Features: Lower leaves of plants infected with Botrytis blight yellow, and eventually the whole plant wilts and rots, a watery brown decay develops on the underside of the affected area

Life Cycle: The fungus that causes gray mold, Botrytis cinerea, survives in decaying plant material in or n the soil and infects primarily through germination of its airborne spores, dying material must be present for the fungus to spread

Pest Rating: Moderate

Management Rating: Moderate

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Moist environments favour outbreaks

Damage Information: Can invest vegetable crops, and other plants

Management Options: Prevention by planting on well-drained raised beds, using furrow irrigation whenever possible, keeping surface of vegetable beds as dry as possible, and harvesting before rain , cultural control by removing diseased plants as soon as they appear and dispose of them



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