Vole/meadow mouse

Pest: Vole/Meadow Mouse (Microtus sp.)

Pest Type: Vertebrate Pests


Major Identifying Features: Microtus californicus: 4-6 inches long, blunt nose, small eyes, short furry ears, slightly hairy tail 2-3 inches long, live in burrows

Life Cycle: Live in colonies in areas such as irrigated pastures, fence-rows, weedy ditch banks, breed quickly and come in large numbers

Pest Rating: Moderate

Management Rating: Moderate

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Voles are active day and night

Damage Information: Voles move into potato fields when infested grain or alfalfa fields are harvested, usually in August or September, burrowing into hills for shelter and to feed on tubers, feeding exposes tubers to sunlight or cold temperatures, damaged tubers have gnaw marks, can be carried into storage post harvest

Management Options: Physical control by trapping and underground fencing, chemical control and toxic baits in spring




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