Fungal Leaf Spot

Pest: Fungal leaf spot disease (Anthracnose ssp., Asochyta ssp., Cerospora ssp., Curvularia lunata et trifoli, Entomosporium ssp., Cladosproium echinulatum, Heterosporium gracile, Drechslera iridis, Cladosporium paeoniae, Macrophoma spp., Marsonia ssp., Mycosphaerella spp,. Phyllosticta spp., Spilocaea et Venturia spp., Septoria spp., Wilsonomyces carpophilus, Sphaceloma spp., Stemphylium spp., Rhytisma spp.)

Pest Type: Infectious disease, fungi

Major Identifying Features: Spots may var from small discrete dots and raised areas to irregular yellow or brownish patches that cover much of the leaf surface

Life Cycle: Fungal leaf spot develops in moist conditions

Pest Rating: Minor

Management Rating: Easy

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Hosts include ash, dogwood, oak, sycamore, clematis, gerbera daisy, geranium, marigold, pansy, zinnia, aspen, cottonwood, pansy, poplar, gladiolus, apple, flowering crab apple, evergreen pear, hawthorn, pear, photinia, pyracantha, quince, rhaphiolepis, serviceberry, toyon, carnation, iris, peony, willow, aspen, rose, andromeda, aucuba, begonia, magnolia, maple, rhodedendron, snapdragon, primrose, sweet pea, coffeeberry, cottoneaster, hebe, verbena, prunus species, gladiolus etc.

Damage Information: Leaves may fall off the tree if the problem is severe, but these pathogens rarely cause long-term damage to trees, similar spots can be caused by bacterial pathogens, insects and mites, or abiotic factors on some plants

Management Options: Infections can be tolerated in most cases, mechanical removal of fallen leaves and debris, cultural control by avoiding overhead sprinklers and irrigation during hot hours of the day



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