Phytophtora Root Rot

Pest: Phytophthora Root Rot (Phytophthora spp.)

Pest Type: Infectious disease, oomycetes (funguslike)

Major Identifying Features: Phytophthora causes leaves to wilt, discolor, remain undersized, and drop prematurely, twigs and branches die back and the entire plant can be killed, infected plants grow slowly and may gradually decline, small brownish lesions around feeder roots are an early symptom, later feeder roots become scarce, black or red sap may ooze from trunk bark

Life Cycle: Phytophthora can survive in the soil for many years, they strive in moist and poorly drained soils, infected root tissue develops spore-froming structures called sporangia, spores spread easily from tree to tree and rapidly in water, spores also spread from contaminated equipment and from infested plants from the nurseries

Pest Rating: Moderate

Management Rating: Difficult

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Many plant species host Phytophthora

Damage Information: Causes sudden oak death

Management Options: Prevention by inspecting roots in the nursery, good site preparation and sanitation, cultural care by proper irrigation



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