Pest: Spittlebugs (Aphrophora saratogensis)

Pest Type: Insect Pest

Major Identifying Features: Adult spittlebugs are often greenish to brownish, inconspicuous, about 1/4 inch long, look like leafhoppers, jump or fly when disturbed, nymphs surround themselves with a white frothy mass when they feed on plant tissue, nymphs are orange, yellow, green

Life Cycle: Females lay small eggs in rows into hidden part of the plant, nymphs undergo up to 5 molts

Pest Rating: Minor

Management Rating: Easy

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: 

Damage Information: Spittlebug suck plant juices, heavy infestation may distort plant tissue and slow plant growth, white foam looks like spit, do not seriously harm woody and established plants

Management Options: physical removal with water




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