Pholcidae Spider (Daddy Long Legs)

Beneficial Insect: Daddy long leg, cellar spider (Pholcidae)

Insect Type: Beneficial, spider

Major Identifying Features: Pholcids hang in irregular messy, tangled webs, and are mostly found in dark recesses, caves, under rocks, loose bark, abandoned mammal burrows, spiders are benign and do not do any harm, they vibrate in order to protect themselves from predators, they are between 2-10mm long

Life Cycle: Eggs have no protective sac but are held together as an agglutinated mass and, are carried by the female and are attached to the web while she feeds, eggs hatch after 2-3 weeks and spiderlings are carried by the female for a few days or hang from a silk strands in her web, spiderlings mature after 5 moults

Pest Rating: Beneficial!

Management Rating: Beneficial!

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Daddy long leg spider are usually found in dark recesses

Support Information/Common Prey: Daddy longleg spiders feed mostly on insects and other spiders such as flying or falling insects

Management/Attraction Options: Spiders are primarily beneficial and their activities should be encouraged in the garden, pesticide control is difficult and rarely necessary, provide boxes, crevices, wood, and other hiding places if you want to have more spiders in your garden




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