Spanworm Moth

Pest: Spanworm moth (Ennomos magnaria)

Pest Type: Insect Pest


Major Identifying Features: Females are larger than males, adult resembles an autumn leaf, wings are deeply, unevenly scalloped, bright orangish-yellow, variably spotted with brown, shaded with reddish-brown toward outer margin, larva mimics a twig, body is green, brown, dappled with minute white spotting

Life Cycle: Complete metamorphosis, 4 stages (egg, larva, pupa, adult), one generation per year, eggs are laid in a row on the food plant, larvae spin a cocoon among foliage rather than pupating in or on the ground, overwinters as an egg

Pest Rating: Minor

Management Rating: Easy

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Hosts include mixed and deciduous forests and woodlots, adults are nocturnal and attracted to light, adults fly from July to October, larvae feed on leaves of alder, ash, basswood, birch, elm, hickory, maple, oak, poplar, larvae are active from May to August

Damage Information: N/A

Management Options: N/A




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