Fruit Fly

Pest: Fruit fly (Drosophila spp.)

Pest Type: Insect Pest

Major Identifying Features: Adults are small, yellow to brown flies with red eyes, 0.12 inch long, larvae are small, white, legless maggots, 0.2 inch long

Life Cycle: Fruit fly adults are attracted to overripe fruit, they lay their eggs in large number (26 per day) on fruits, larvae feed on fruit, a cycle may take up to 70 days during winter, and a week in summer, temperatures above 105°F kill adults immediately

Pest Rating: Minor

Management Rating: Easy

Host/Season/Outbreak Information: Fruit flies are active during periods of warm weather, single generations may develop in less than a week when temperatures are between 80° and 90°F

Damage Information: Feeding larvae may spread yeasts that cause souring on overripe fruit

Management Options: Prevention by removing overripe fruit (from the ground and plants)



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